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Thank you for visiting The Piano Man, LLC. We are a full service piano company that has been family owned for over 30 years. Joel Klar is a second generation piano technician and is an RPT with the Piano Technician's Guild. We are fully equipped to handle a large range of services, from the most simple tuning to a complex restoration. We service all pianos from spinets, concert grands, and to family heirlooms. The services we provide are listed below.

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Piano Tuning

Piano Tunings are the most common maintenances of a piano. Keeping the piano close to pitch is important for it's overall health.

A piano tuner tunes the piano by adjusting the tuning pins in the pin block.
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Piano Repair

Some piano repairs are minor, such has a pencil that as fallen, binding up several notes from moving. Others can range from broken hammer shanks, to broken strings. Rest assured that we are prepared to handle any situation and get your piano working in a quick, proper, and professional repair.
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Piano Regulation

Most clients are amazed to learn that the touch and feel of their keyed can be changed dramatically, depending on their style of playing. A properly regulated piano is what makes the piano respond to the artists' expression.

Piano regulation is the adjustment of all the fine movements in an action. Upright pianos have different action than grand pianos and both styles need this adjustment to stay in good shape.
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Piano Restoration

Piano Restorations is a service that we offer to bring an old piano back to life. The woods are more exotic, the craftsmanship is not lacking, and we are preserving history and family memories. Some shortfalls of the earlier pianos can be properly addressed during the restoration process. In the end, clients receive a much better piano than what they could purchase new at only a fraction of the price. The work we do is pure passion and respect for the craftsmanship that was once the most important aspect of our heritage. We don't take short cuts, nor do we use cheap parts.
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Other Services & Products

We offer products to help you keep your piano looking it’s best. We also offer cleaning services for all types of pianos. Dust and dirt can be damaging to pianos, because it holds moisture. Moisture can shorten the life of your piano by causing rust to form on the strings or cause the friction in your action to increase to the point of sluggishness or even frozen keys.

Most of our "other services" are now included with our basic service and our full service options. Depending on how flat the piano is will depend on the amount of time to tune the piano. The extra time after the piano tuning and or pitch raise is used to perform maintenance to keep your piano in great shape.

Joel Klar, RPT - Owner / Piano Artisan

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