The Piano Man, LLC

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This is how we started….

The Piano Man was established in Brevard County Florida over 30 years ago. Lawrence Klar had a music store and rebuilding shop open to the public in Cocoa Village Florida. Later, he built a rebuilding shop behind his home and continued to provide service to Brevard County for many years.
Five back surgeries and several health problems later, Lawrence slowed down. This has allowed his son, Joel Klar, to expand and renew the business in Brevard County.

With two generations of knowledge and passion for pianos we provide all services from basic tunings all the way to full scale re-designed restorations, allowing much clearer and smoother transitions with a much larger sound out of earlier pianos.

Joel started The Piano Man, LLC in Millbrook AL after building a rebuild shop of our own. This enabled me to become active in the Piano Technician’s Guild and involve myself in a deep study of the soundboard and re-design components. Combining all the knowledge passed down from my father, I am able to handle any piano servicing needs.

Today, we service both areas in Alabama and Florida. Our end goal is to provide a reliable company that will continue to grow and expand throughout the Southeast, ensuring that the pianos are not just tuned, but also maintained. We want to encourage all pianists to continue to practice. We can achieve this by doing our part to make pianos operate and sound like they are designed. This gives the pianist the ultimate experience in touch, tone, and quality craftsmanship. Our heart in providing these skills is to produce results that will help share artists’ emotions through sound.
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Joel Klar, RPT - Owner / Piano Artisan

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