Lawrence H. Klar

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Lawrence H. Klar is a piano technician and craftsman, specializing in the
restoration of antique instruments. Lawrence was hooked on pianos after
his mother’s tuner took the action out of their spinet piano. Lawrence
continued to take piano lessons until his piano teacher informed him
he’d never play professionally. He started a 3 year apprenticeship with
his tuner and took over the business when the elderly tuner retired.
Eventually he moved to Palm Bay, Florida. In 1992, Lawrence and Peggy
set up a piano shop in old town Cocoa Village.

The first store was so small; there was only enough room for 6 pianos, 3
on each wall and only one bench could be pulled out at a time. We also
had a cup of pencils.

After 1 year, the pencils were reinvested into other musical gift ideas
that eventually multiplied so rapidly, that a larger shop just down the
street had to be obtained. This new building was were Peggy ran a
musical gift store and Lawrence and Joel rebuilt pianos, exposing
education and demonstrating true craftsmanship to anyone interested to
listen or watch.

Joel Klar worked with his father in their shop, starting at age 13,
gluing felts, and cleaning around the shop. By the age of 18, Joel was
regulating piano actions and re-stringing with minimum supervision. When
Joel turned 20, Lawrence considered his son’s apprenticeship complete
and they serviced Brevard County as a team for 7 years. During slower
times, Joel carried on part time jobs and decided to try an alternate
career with accelerated success. After slowing down and establishing a
family, Joel Klar has now started operating his own tuning/rebuilding
business as “The Piano Man” in Alabama, servicing the River Region,
which includes Millbrook, Prattville, Wetumpka, & Montgomery.

Clinton also worked in the shop and carries a talent of wood
crafting. Clint’s skills were imperative to several historic rebuilds,
in which parts had to be duplicated and not purchased. Clint mainly
worked part time in the rebuilding shop as he was attending the local
college. Currently, Clint serves with the Marines proudly, and is one of
many that fight for our freedom and allow families like ours to serve
the community with passion for what we do.



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